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Just a lover of pool trying to do my part to help save our dying sport!!

Willie Mosconi vs. Jimmy Caras Review ~ by Steve Sherman

The name Willie Mosconi is or should be familiar to anyone who
follows […]

Who is Tyler Styer?? ~ by Patrick “The Tallahassee Squirrel” Sampey

Tyler ‘Airborne’ Styer

The 2018 Mosconi Cup, held this year in London, England […]

The Art of Physiology~ by Simon Capon

Jake is about to play his first-round match. His preparation on the […]

Pool Community Loses A Saint-Gains An Angel ~ by Tina Hodge

Joseph “Tiny” Weber not only put Club Billiards (est 1946) on the […]

Team USA — Redemption ~ by Patrick “The Tallahassee Squirrel” Sampey

“I’ve paid my dues
Time after time.
I’ve done my sentence
But committed no crime.

And […]

Meet the Drill Instructor ~ an Autobiography by Dominic Esposito

Dominic Esposito became a Professional Pool Player at 19 years old, after […]

Review of CueZ Finger Slides vs. Unglove~ by Steve Sherman

This is a review of two products that are alternatives to full […]

Tournament Preparation ~ by The Monk “Tim Miller”

Tournament preparation
I have written a lot about how to prepare for tournaments […]

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Black Ice Shaft Review ~ by Garret Troop

There are a lot of different styles of breaking cues appearing on […]

Carom Billiards:  Around the World Patterns Patterns~ Allan Sands

Three-cushion Carom Billiards
From the book “Carom Billiards:  Around the World Patterns Patterns”
Group […]

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