Willie Mosconi vs. Jimmy Caras Review ~ by Steve Sherman

The name Willie Mosconi is or should be familiar to anyone who
follows […]

Who is Tyler Styer?? ~ by Patrick “The Tallahassee Squirrel” Sampey

Tyler ‘Airborne’ Styer

The 2018 Mosconi Cup, held this year in London, England […]

Team USA — Redemption ~ by Patrick “The Tallahassee Squirrel” Sampey

“I’ve paid my dues
Time after time.
I’ve done my sentence
But committed no crime.

And […]

The Secret of the Half-Ball ~ Bill Smith “Mr3Cushion”

Bill Smith “Mr3Cushion” has been one of the top players in the […]

Nick Varner’s Hall Of Fame ~ Patrick Sampey

Nick Varner’s Hall Of Fame
No other player dominated professional pool in the […]

Introducing: The New DigiCue BLUE Bluetooth® enabled Billiard Training Device

After more than two years of research, we are pleased to announce […]

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CJ Wiley: The Tao Of The Pool Warrior ~ Patrick Sampey

The Tao flows through all things, and is the underlying current that […]

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Michelle Jiang: Champion Pool Player ~ Roy Pastor

Michelle Jiang is a champion pool player and teenager. Her incredible work […]

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The Ambassador ~ Dakotah Schmidtknecht

Okinawa Slim, a true professional and ambassador to the sport of pool. […]

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Billythekid Lasee ~ Missy Capestrain

Pronounced: Bi-lee-thuh-KID- LA za-ay, and that’s Lasee not Lasso. Billythekid is quite […]