McDermott I-Pro Shaft Review ~ Dustin Crowe

I have had the chance to play with McDermott’s I-pro shaft over […]

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My Cues — The Unabridged Description Of The Wood I Love, The Weapon Of Choice Of The Jedi Pool Player, the Samurai Sword Of The Green Felt, The Cue Stick ~ Patrick Sampey

The tournament didn’t have many players, but the 17 or so that […]

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Taom Chalk Review ~ Garret Troop

Ok ladies and gentlemen; Let’s talk chalk. We all need it and […]

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The Jacoby Break Cue Series ~ Garret Troop

Jacoby has a breaking cue that will fit your needs.  The currently […]

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Champion Sports — Quality Cues At Great Prices ~ Patrick Sampey

Champion Sports — Quality Cues At Great Prices

(The Cues I Play With)

Pool […]

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Introducing: The New DigiCue BLUE Bluetooth® enabled Billiard Training Device

After more than two years of research, we are pleased to announce […]

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Purse Snatcher ~ Tim Chin

The Purse Snatcher is a classic set up shot that can get […]

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Just Look in the Mirror ~ Jacqueline Karol

There are several powerful exercises that you can do using a mirror. […]

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The QuicSlick by the Billiard Engineer ~ A Review by Garret Troop

It’s hard to come up with something new in this industry much […]

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No Bull, Jacoby Jumper Cue Review ~ Garret Troop

Jacoby custom cues have a long-standing relationship with innovation and most of […]

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