Kamui Roku Chalk Review ~ Garret Troop

The Kamui brand has always stood for excellence in quality and craftsmanship. […]

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Allowing headphones during league or tournaments has become a bigger conversation among […]

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Gaijin Custom Cues ~ Patrick Sampey

I just sat down with the guys of Gaijin Custom Cues, and […]

Scott Erwin’s Butt ~Bradley C. Thuringer

It seems like often the best things in my life come to […]

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Travel Mate Cue Holder ~ Steve Sherman

The Travel Mate is one of the most innovative billiards accessories to […]

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Greg Knight, An Interview with the McDermott CEO ~ Anthony Beeler

 When was McDermott Cue founded?  Talk to us about the history of […]

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Interview with Steve Lomax ~ Brian Pauley

Cue making is an art form.  Where some artists may use traditional […]

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Longasy Tip Review ~ Garret Troop

The Longasy Break DOWN.
I have had the distinctive privilege of testing […]

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McDermott I-Pro Shaft Review ~ Dustin Crowe

I have had the chance to play with McDermott’s I-pro shaft over […]

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My Cues — The Unabridged Description Of The Wood I Love, The Weapon Of Choice Of The Jedi Pool Player, the Samurai Sword Of The Green Felt, The Cue Stick ~ Patrick Sampey

The tournament didn’t have many players, but the 17 or so that […]

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