Richard Kranicki Interview ~ “Mighty” Joe Young

I first met Rich Kranicki a little over 5 years ago when […]

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Billythekid Lasee ~ Missy Capestrain

Pronounced: Bi-lee-thuh-KID- LA za-ay, and that’s Lasee not Lasso. Billythekid is quite […]

Trudy the Beauty ~ Missy Capestrain

“Trudy the Beauty”
Billy Joel, Mac Truck, General Electric, Bethlehem Steel, “Trudy”, Kahn […]

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Art You Can Hit Stuff With ~ CD Olano

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, “Human […]

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Timmy Bly Interview ~ Jeanna Diedrich

Timmy Bly, 17, of Decatur Illinois, just recently won the APA Junior […]

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Bob Danielson Cues Interview ~ Keith Diaz

Twenty-six years of work within the industry, with twenty-four of them constructing […]

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Interview with Curtis Robertson ~ Brian Pauley

Cue making is an art form that many possess. Everyone has their […]

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Cheqio & Darren Appleton ~ Jeanna Diedrich

There has recently been discussion and even some controversy over a new […]

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Marc Dionne Interview

I caught up with New England 9 Ball Series tournament director Marc […]

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Dick Abbott Interview

I recently had a very enjoyable phone conversation with pool cue photographer, […]

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