James Hanshew Jump Cue, a Review ~ Garret Troop

James Hanshew Jump cue

First, of I have to say that is […]

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Pool Tables Website ~ a Review by Garret Troop

Pool Tables is a newer site, and this is my review of […]

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Dr. Popper Jump Cue Review ~ Garret Troop

Years ago you kicked, banked or found your way around problem balls […]

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Ultraskin “Pro” Tip – Review ~ Jaared “The Jazz Man” Arsoemena

I was given the opportunity to review a tip that had caught my […]

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OB Chalk Review ~ Jaared Arosemena {Review}

When I found out that OB had finally come out with their […]

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McDermott Glove Review ~ Garret Troop

I recently had the pleasure of doing a product review on the […]

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Marty Carey Jump Cue. ~ Garret Troop {Review}

This specialty jump cue is made out of cored carbon fiber. The […]

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The Brown Kamikaze. ~ William Hurst {Review}

This morning I cut down and shaped a Brown Kamikaze Cue Tip […]

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Predator S-Tuned Z3 Shaft. ~ Jaared Arosemena {Review}

I’ve been using Predator S-Tuned Z2s exclusively for years as, in my opinion, […]

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A Few Reviews. ~ Warren Ackary {Review}

Q-Whiz Cue Shaft Conditioner
I purchased one of these, and am happy I […]

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