Trick Shot ~ Brian Pauley

Everyone has seen someone do a trick shot on a pool table […]

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Common Mental Mistakes ~ Anthony Beeler

Most pool players lose way too many games because of poor mental […]

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“Don’t Miss” ~ Tim “The Monk” Miller

                   The Monk
Willie said, “Don’t Miss” if you want to win […]

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“Bar Rules” vs. “League Rules” ~ Jacqueline Karol

People always ask me what the right rules are for 8-ball.  The […]

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Follow Shot ~ Florian Kohler

Hello everyone,
This month we are going to analyze a very interesting follow […]

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Thin to Win ~ Anthony Beeler

During the late 1990’s I spent a lot of time competing in […]

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Purse Snatcher ~ Tim Chin

The Purse Snatcher is a classic set up shot that can get […]

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Just Look in the Mirror ~ Jacqueline Karol

There are several powerful exercises that you can do using a mirror. […]

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The QuicSlick by the Billiard Engineer ~ A Review by Garret Troop

It’s hard to come up with something new in this industry much […]

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CUTTING OUT THE FEAR: The effects of fear on execution ~ Kris Cash

There is a part of your brain that quietly sits back and […]

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