Sneaky Pete Magazine Vol. 1

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Issue 13 Is Here!

Issue 12. Issue 12 is here. Okinawa slim on the cover. There is a bunch of new writers we are featuring. This issue we remember some of the games that are out there. We calibrate cue makers and their work. Our content is original and our aim is to bring you the latest in the industry. Please enjoy this issue as we are proud of our work. We at Sneaky Pete Mafia are proud of the work we do. We want you to feel the same way.
Issue 11. We have been doing this for a while now. We choose to feature only the best in the industry. This is such a rich industry in diversity that it’s easy to create plenty of great articles. We are featuring John Barton who is one of the greatest case makers in the industry. His approach to customer service and quality is simply beyond expectations. We at Sneaky Pete Mafia are proud of the work we do. We want you to feel the same way.
Issue 10 is our cue makers issue. There are so many cue builders out there, this issue is highlighting them for the work that they do. As always we also have our product reviews and professional instruction. We are proud to bring you the cue makers issue.

Issue nine is out and we are extremely proud to showcase the increasingly popular artistic pool players. Matthew Webber, yeah you may have heard of him and the YouTube video that went viral over 200 million views and he has caught the attention of the world in many ways. This is an all youth based issue and we are proud to be making a difference in the industry. On the instructional side we have Florian and he has been contributing with us for a while now, William Hurst Kamikaze tip review and OB chalk press release. Also the Jacoby Edge product review. We are proud to produce a 72 page Magazine this issue.


Issue eight is upon us and we are showcasing a talented young man by the name of Xzavier Aune. A local Wisconsinite, just turned 18 and ready to take on the world with a wonderful message. Darren Appleton in on board along with Max Eberle and Dominic Esposito are on the instructor’s side and a lot more. This issue we put out 80 pages.


Issue seven is out and can I say “WOW”? the sensual and seductive cover of Emily Duddy is out. Emily has been an ambassador for the sport for years and we are proud to feature her on the cover. This is also our first ever issue featuring a centerfold and Emily takes the cake with this one. Space city open in upon us and can find all the details here. As the SPM Magazine gets bigger we are attracting the attention of the billiards world but we must always remain humble and remember that everyone had a starting point. We have more and more professionals taking interest in our publication. We are starting to theme the issues and this issue is an all instructor’s issue. We are proud to bring you this 80 page issue

Issue six is blasting out of the gates with an impressive new cover featuring KJ Williams. KJ is a level 4 BCA Master instructor and has an amazing story for you all to read. The cover art has changed and so has the name of the Magazine now being called “SPM Magazine”. This is our biggest issue yet and wow, there is a lot of content for writers all over the world including Darren Appleton, Max Eberle and Jacqueline Karol. This is our biggest issue yet with 92 pages!

Issue five is out and we are very pleased to showcase another junior player on the cover and help Serena Black on her journey into her career. Serena is just getting out there and showing the world what she is made up of. Her story in impressive and should help her boost her career in this industry. The Hillbilly Smacker review and an interview with Steve Lomax. Shooting Pool with your Baby an article by William Hurst is sure to grab your attention in this wonderful issue. This issue has 76 pages.

SPM Issue 4

 Issue four came out a little late but we are still alive and ready to take on the world here. Charlie ‘Hillbilly’ Bryant is on the cover and man what a break this guy has. He is also an instructor and has his own Purple Heart break cue by Walter Kelley. This issue we reviewed the OB2, Lomax cue and the JB case. We are trying to bring a consistent variety in the content that we provide. New look to the cover and much more inside. We are proud to produce a 78 page issue.

Cover 3

Our third issue we are excited to feature some new aspects on the industry including art from Arthur Robins. Arthur has a talented brush “Stroke” and has an interesting story and take on the world. We also have interviews with Kimberly Newsome and Florian himself! The magazine is increasing in size and exposure and we are happy to have coverage of the huge rematch of Earl and Efren after all these years. This issue we are at 72 pages and we are trying to keep it in this range.

Cover 2

Our second issue we were proud to almost double the content that we had in our first issue. Max Eberle featured on the cover and a lot of new writers and content in this issue. We have more instructors coming in and the content is getting more consistent. We are attracting some bigger names in the industry and are happy to share their stories. We almost doubled our content with this 52 page issue.

Cover 1

Issue one was our inaugural issue and the birth of the Sneaky Pete Mafia Magazine. We were very excited to be launching this new development in the company. We blasted out of the gate with one of the ambassadors in the industry, Eric Roberts on the cover. This kid is making some really big waves in the industry and we are proud to support the youth. This company is growing fast and we are proud of this issue. We have to some of great writers lined up and are excited to see where this Magazine will go.