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Anthony Beeler is the 2018 Pool Instructor of the Year and is a former BCAPL National 9-Ball Champion. He has numerous top 25 national finishes and is one of only 8 ACS Master Instructors in the world. He is the primary author of the National Billiards Instructors Manual and has also authored the book Unstoppable! Positive Thinking for Pool Players. Anthony currently has the highest established Fargo Rating of any Master Instructor. He has won over 300 tournaments and has defeated numerous professional players in tournament competition

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Jackie “K” Karol, with over 25 years of experience, and 250+ tournament wins: an award - winning, professional billiards instructor, author and industry consultant to players of all skill levels, including famous celebrities, athletes and tour competitors. A National Champion for 8-Ball and Trick Shot, Jackie K developed her proprietary teaching methods and systems that produce consistent, unparalleled, superior results for all players; results guaranteed!  Jackie K’s Triple (3x) industry certifications: Professional Billiard Instructor Association and American Cue Sports, Instructor and Certified Referee, distinguish her from peers as the gold standard for billiard instructors. She is the highest ranking female billiards instructor in the world certified by American Cue Sports.

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Rodney "The Rocket" Morris has been playing pool since 1986, a junior in High School in Hawaii.  Rodney worked at a night club on the beach, and after cleanup and closing, he would go to the local pool hall and play foosball with his friends.  One day they played pool, betting just a quarter and after the games were over, his friends didn't want to play against Rodney again.  He played every possible waking moment.  Eventually was able to secure some free practice time at the pool hall in exchange for some work around the place cleaning. Since that day he continued playing pool, gambling and entering tournaments.  Rodney has obtained the nick name of "The Rocket" and is a multiple time hall of fame professional player.  Dedicated to educating the next generation of professional billiards players! 

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Brian "Superman" Pauley started playing pool at 9yrs. He fell in love with the game immediately and started spending a lot of time on the table in his new house. Seeing that Brian’s love for the game wasn’t temporary, his dad bought him some training videos to aid in his son’s journey. One of the videos caught Brian’s eye the most, “Amazing Trickshots.” He started spending hours trying to duplicate some of the shots.Years later Brian started playing in pool tournaments at a local pool hall, which is where he earned is pool nickname of Superman. Brian got more into trick shots when he saw ESPN’s Trick Shot Magic. Like before, Brian spend hours trying to duplicate the shots from such greats as Tom Rossman and Mike Massey.  In 2014 Brian entered Tom Rossman’s Artistic Partners Cup as an amateur artistic pool player and was paired with pro artistic pool player Jason “The Michigan Kid” Lynch and the pair took 2nd place.  Brian has been actively competing in all the WPA ranked events and is now ranked 5th on the WPA Artistic Pool Rankings.  Brian also serves as the President of the WPA Artistic Pool Division.  

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