11 Tips to Keep You & Your Belongings Safe & Secure When Traveling to Tournaments. ~ Heath

I have been traveling to tournaments for almost ten years now.

Sometimes I hit the road with my husband, sometimes with friends and sometimes by myself. No matter the company, safe practices keep me and my belongings protected.

1) Call your bank.

Before your trip, be sure to call your bank and let them know where you will be traveling to and the dates so they can monitor spending. Let them know what your spending habits will consist of (bar tabs, fast food, fuel, hotel, etc.) That way, if they notice irregular spending, they can alert you immediately.

2) If you carry cash, split it up.

Carry some in your wallet, some in your pocket and some hidden in other places. This way, if you get pick pocketed, they don’t take every dime you brought with you.

3) Be cautious using social media.

In this day and age, we are compelled to post our every move on Facebook and other social media. This is a beacon that lets potential burglars know that your home will be empty for the weekend. Instead of saying, “Headed to Texas for a tournament,” make up an imaginary friend and post a thank you like, “Thanks Mary for watching my house while I am at the tournament in Texas.” This way, you are still letting people know where you are going but giving the illusion of a house sitter.

4) Leave your itinerary with a friend.

If traveling by yourself or with friends, make sure to let people know where you are going and staying, the dates and contact numbers for a couple of people that will be there if possible. If you are in an accident and no one knew you were traveling, there would be no way to find you if you disappeared.

5) It is always safer to travel in pairs or groups.

Not only are fuel costs and hotel bills cheaper when they are split, with but you