iCue -- Thomas Van Eck

Thomas Van Eck is a man on a mission to help pool players better their individual game, cuing accuracy, shot percentage, and precision with which they obtain position with the cue ball; he plans to do it one iCue at a time.

The iCue is his invention and his contribution to the pool world, and players at large. He has sold them and distributed them to many people in many countries worldwide.

“You can apply all the english ever required on the cue ball by striking it no more than a tip to the right or left of center.” -- Willie Mosconi, Van Eck has as one of his principles in putting english on the ball. Van Eck’s iCue has a target area just 27mm in radius, three concentric circles for the player to focus on; the three circles start with 13mm for center cue shots, then the second target area is 20mm, then for the most english on shots, the 27mm outer limit Thomas sets, and this does appear to coincide with what Mosconi said in the quote. Anything outside of that radius, the 27mm limit he sets, and there’s a great chance, like 99 percent, that you will miscue on a shot. That’s the first thing Van Eck appears to want players to know, and he definitely knows, as anyone that’s seen his Facebook videos, where he provides example after example of himself talking and running out tables -- and doing it with pizzazz and fast like Jimmy John’s, lightning fast.

Thomas told me the game with his iCue is as easy as the letters and numbers on