A BALANCING ACT ~ by Anthony Beeler

Very few pool players understand that their performance will reach a stalemate after they master many of the mental and physical aspects of the game. This “lack of improvement” occurs because

The fact remains that you cannot play pool completely subconsciously. This is a common problem that needs to be addressed—if you can’t clearly define where the problem lies in your mind, how can you go about solving it? It is like driving a bicycle through an obstacle course while wearing a blindfold. You just can’t do it!

Furthermore, it takes many years to develop the physical skills necessary to become a good player. However, during this period of time we get defeated over and over again and it is quite possible that many of us have the physical abilities to play on a professional level but do not have the belief system necessary to maintain a consistent high-level of play.

A steady diet of hypnotherapy, positive affirmations, subliminal messages, and EFT can positively affect your game. They are all great ways to reprogram the way that you think and talk to yourself.