A “Brush” Stroke Of Genius. ~ Peggy Mallen

“I work from a place in the mind that I discovered where reality, memory, imagination and the dream world meet.”-A.Robins

The stroke—how illusive it can be when mastering the game of pool.

We all know that peak performance can only be attained when the stroke is at its finest. The “brush stroke” to an artist has the same connotation—again, striving for the purest balance of relaxation, focus and strength behind every silhouette, to create the perfect scene. I believe I’ve found the perfect comparison of the stroke between billiard player and artist—capturing the essence of the sport of pool on canvas.

His name is Arthur Robins.

Let’s imagine a time long ago in Brooklyn, NY. It was the 1950’s and a mother is pushing a stroller down a narrow sidewalk with a small boy in tow on their way to “Arty’s Pool Hall.” When they walk in they hear Elvis on the radio singing “Jailhouse Rock” and the crack of billiard balls with a cloud of chalk dust over the entire room giving it an intriguing and mysterious atmosphere.

This was Uncle Arty’s pool hall and this was Arthur’s first introduction to the world of pool. Even though he can barely remember the times spent in the pool room, it made a lasting impression that carried over to his vision for billiard art. Robins’ “pool art” has been revered and collected by top billiard players around the world and his work resides in thousands of private and public collections in over 50 countries.

Giving us insight into his love of painting pool scenes, Arthur wrote:

“My first pool painting was a tribute to my close friend Fred Schuback, an awesome artist and incredible pool player. He didn