A closer look at Peri cues

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

A lot of us have experienced a massive buzz about "Peri cues". But, very few of us know a whole lot about the brand. I got curious and did some digging.

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First of all; Peri cues are a massive brand. Perhaps even the biggest brand in the entire world of cue sports. They've got 1000 employees at their factory! The Peri brand is owned by Weilu Billiards International Co. It's run by a very influential family in China. Founded in 1998.

Their factory produces pool cues, carom cues, snooker cues, pool tables, snooker tables, Chinese 8-ball tables, lighting, cue cases, and basically anything a pool hall/player would need. During the manufacturing process, the workers comply with very strict protocols. (Footnote: up till recently they also produced the "Eclat" brand, but stopped in early 2020 to focus solely on the Peri brand).

Spearheading the brand outside of China is Jayson Shaw. In 2018 he signed a record-long deal for 10 years! He joins the already decent-sized roster of 60+ Chinese and other players.

I think it’s safe to say that a player of Jayson Shaw’s caliber would not settle with anything but top quality!

Which cue does Jayson Shaw play with?

Jayson plays with a few different Peri pool cues. This is his current set up as of today: Break cue: PBH-G01-W Jump cue: Eagle PBH-T1 Playing cue: Duke Aquitaine P-T03 Cue case: Golden Python 3 x 4 and White Kylin 2 x 4

Peri cues are simply the best I ever play with! - Jayson Shaw

Sure, some of you might think that the players do not care about which cue they play with as long as they got those big sponsorship dollars, right? Well, that could not be further from the truth. The sponsorship money pales in comparison with what the top pros make from tournament winnings and money games. So, the only thing they care about is having great quality cues.

By signing Jayson Shaw, Peri made a statement. They are here to capture market shares in the U.S.

China is an enormous market, but Peri is already the outright leader there. So, now they are targeting the US and the EU markets. The whole Covid19 situation put an abrupt stop to their momentum. I have however noticed that their Facebook group grew from 300 to 3000 followers since March 2020. And that's in the midst of the quarantine.

The Peri pockets are deep. Very deep. I expect them to make an aggressive charge as soon as the world returns to normal. They've already established a good sponsoring relationship with the Eurotour, and I know for a fact they are willing to sponsor U.S.-based events as well. They already established a regular high-profile Chinese event in the LCBA.

So what is it about the Peri cues that make them a serious contender?