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A Few Reviews. ~ Warren Ackary {Review}

Q-Whiz Cue Shaft Conditioner


I purchased one of these, and am happy I did! Q-Whiz did a brilliant job cleaning my cue shaft. No more sandpaper, steel wool, or hard abrasives to take particles of timber off the shaft. Forget wet and dry, brown paper or a damp cloth… Get one of these from Cue World Australia, you  won’t be disappointed.

OB 124 Birdseye Maple, No Wrap


When I got my OB 124 I honestly wasn’t sure about it (even after having a hit on the table at the Cue World (Australia) showroom. The cue proved me wrong – as I needed that something special in the diameter of the butt due to my hand, I found the butt diameter to be perfect and what’s more, the shaft which is an OB Plus Pro proved a lethal combination. For anyone starting out this is a cue I would strongly recommend, its simple yet sturdy and has everything you need in a cue. The Cocobolo grip surprised me, I thought it would not give me the grip area I wanted. I was wrong… It’s great!

OB Pro Plus Shaft

Great feel

I have this shaft, haven’t been using it for long but I must say it does suit my game; I like the taper on it and it strikes the ball really well. I’ve stuck with the tip that is on the shaft, as it really bites into the ball with each stroke. I would recommend this shaft to anyone who is making the transition from Snooker to pool and likes to use a lot of side with a crisp stroke.

Kamui Glove


I got the Kamui Glove from Cue World Australia. I love the feel of it and the glove gives my cue freedom of follow through, letting me have total control with a looped bridge at the same time. I highly recommend this glove to anyone who suffers from sweaty hands/fingers!

Sponsored by POV Pool and Jacoby Custom Cues

Author: Warren Ackary (bio coming soon) Photo: Flickr/Naoki Ishii Editor: Hannah Blue

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