A Pool Instructor’s Journey – Build the Foundation ~ Tanner Pruess

Fellow pool enthusiast – let me take the time to share my background as we begin this journey to continually improve your skills.  My name is Tanner Pruess and I was born in South Dakota, a haven for bar-table pool. Growing up with a long line of established pool players in my family tree aided to a decent game at a very young age. The biggest catalyst that turned me into a top rated amateur was attending a clinic hosted by Randy Goettlicher, a master instructor bringing decades of teaching experience to an eager teenager in the Midwest where professional instruction was hard to come by.

I took the knowledge gained from Randy (and many other influencers) into the battlefield of competitive league play and high level amateur tournaments. With a solid foundation and years of experience testing I was able to walk away with multiple high-level titles including: Two South Dakota State Master 9-Ball Singles