A SECRET OF SORTS – TO REFLECT ON! ~ by Tom “Dr Cue” Rossman

Secrets to Reflect On …

“Ms. Cue” and I have experienced thousands of treasured moments in and out of the “artistic pool” arena. We hope each of you is enjoying personal “victory” in your game and life. In this regard, I want to give you of a “secret of sorts” for the next level and beyond! !@#$%^&*()_+ … Something is definitely wrong!! L@o$o^k*S)h+arp … Better, but still not right!! Lo#ok^Sh(ar+p … Warmer – keep trying!! Look%^Sharp … You’re almost there!! Look Sharp!! … Now, you’ve got it!!

The above chameleon (changing) text holds within its pattern special meaning to correct specific “glitches” in a player’s mechanical movements…before, during, and after a shot. The foundation of this analogy is based on an “in the present” mode, as I type each line, and then review it. Making the appropriate changes as I go, from line to line, is a necessity to eventually get the last line to “look sharp”!!

In a similar light, you can enter an “in the present” training mode to your game components. An instructor’s analysis/diagnosis of a student has minimal value, if some method of corrective remedy is not prescribed for an existing glitch or glitches. Pre-stance, chalking efficiency, alignment, stroke, and/or the obvious errant movements of grip, bridge, head, and other body parts can all cause a player to play poorly and look dull. Many of the games we lose are the direct result of not “looking sharp” at the table…in our preparation and execution skills.

The “secret” – a mirror!!! How simple!!! The process of “prepping yourself” to “look sharp” occurs each morning for most of us. If something looks dull or out of place, you correct it “in the present”…with a trustworthy feedback from within the mirror’s reflection.

Imagine looking in a mirror seeing yourself step erratically into a contorted body/stance position, swinging the cue in a wild twisting hand/wrist/arm movement, “pumping oil” with the lower arm in relatio