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Anatomy of a Good Shot ~ Max Eberle

Just yesterday I started rummaging through some old documents that I pulled out of storage while cleaning house and ran across a single print out that contained a heading and eleven sentences underneath it that I made as a reminder for my own game way back in 1999, a year before my first ever trip to Asia to compete in the huge Tokyo 9-Ball event. What a great tournament that was…

I think it’s a pretty cool sheet of paper with some sound tips, and I’ve decided to share it with you today.

If implemented, I believe it will help your game.

I may decide to go into depth on each sentence soon if you’re interested. For today, here’s the exact contents of that sheet directly from the time capsule storage container from 1999…

Anatomy of a good shot.

Play one shot at a time.

Determine my exact outcome before shooting.

Determine how to achieve that outcome before shooting.

Deliberately position my body into the shot allowing for the situation.

Take practice strokes and make appropriate checks for aiming and cueing the ball.

Focus my eyes on the contact point.

Execute a smooth back swing and a perfect stroke through the cue ball along the stroking line.

Only move my arm.

Relax my arm and grip and throughout the stroke.

Keep my body still until the object ball drops.

Be fluid and dynamic in action and project positive and confident body language.

Well there you have it. It all sounds so simple, and yet there’s a lot to do, and not to do such as not moving your body during your stroke.

I hope you find at least one thing that helps your game. Be patient. Work on them one at a time if you like. Enjoy the process.

All my best always and I’ll see you soon…


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Max Eberle

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