April “The Shark” Larson: 12 Year Old Contender. ~ Tino Talamantes

April started knocking balls at age 7, wins first Junior National title at age 12, and aspires to be a professional pool player.

They call April Larson, “The Shark.” She has won titles, trophies, college scholarships, prizes and traveled the world playing pool. Sounds like the life of a celebrity athlete, maybe? No, just another day in the life of “The Shark,” from Farmington, Minnesota, pool player extraordinaire.

When I hear Minnesota, I think of the most notable U.S. pool player in American history, Minnesota Fats of billiards lore. But I’m here to tell you when you hear Minnesota, you’ll have a new name come to mind!

Titles/High finishes: 2012 Billiard Education Foundation Junior National 9-Ball Championships 1st place, 14 & Under Girls’ Division 2011 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships Runner-up, 14 & Under Girls’ Division 2011 BEF Artistic Pool Championships, Runner–up, 14 & Under Girls’ Division 21st Annual VNEA Int`l Junior Pool Championships, 2011 Jr Division, highest female team & 4th place team 2011 Ultimate Pool Leagues Advanced MVP Tournament 3rd Place 2011 MN VNEA Youth Singles Tournament 1st Place, 9-14 Division 2011 MN VNEA Youth Doubles Tournament 3rd Place 9-13 Division 2011 MN VNEA Youth 3-Person Team, 1st Place, 9-13 Division 2011 MN VNEA Youth Singles Tournament, 1st Place, 9-11 Division 20th Annual VNEA Int`l Junior Pool Championships, 2010 Youth Team Division, 7th-8th place 2010 MN VNEA Singles Youth Tournament, 2nd Place, 9-14 Division 2010 MN VNEA Singles Youth tournament, 3rdPlace, 9-11 Division

This 12-year-old pool player has earned international exposure by qualifying for Junior World Championships, shooting in adult pool leagues and playing against, “The Black Widow.”

I can see it now folks: “The Shark Vs. The Black Widow” for World Pool Championships . It can happen!

When she shoots for this world title, it will most likely be with her cue of choice made by Predator Pool Cues. Although she came to love pool by watching her dad play, her real life hero is the Ameri- can soldier. This is one pool player I don’t want to be in the “Shark” tank with.

Editor: Dana Gornall

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