Art You Can Hit Stuff With ~ CD Olano

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, “Human beings really seem to love hitting things with sticks.” That’s just pure undeniable truth right there. You take a little kid on a nature walk through the woods and that child will pick up a stick. They will use it to poke and hit and swing about. At times, you will have to jump out of the way, fearing for your very life. They seek out the best stick, whether the longest, and straightest, or pokiest, or with the perfect bend at one end that fits just right in their hand. Pool players aren’t much different. We are still those kids, traipsing about the pool hall jungle, wielding, or in search of, the perfect stick; the one that will serve as the perfect tool, the one that will bring us victory in battle.

Patrick Diveney is a man who has made it his life’s work to supply the kid in each of us with the perfect stick. His commitment to perfection shows in his work. The word that came to mind as I desirously scanned photo after photo of his beautiful cues, and the word that I have seen most frequently in reviews of Diveney custom cues, is “solid.” On the AZ Billiards forum, a reviewer calling himself Cuejunky wrote, “ (It) Has that nice sound when you hit with it, if you know what I mean.” Anyone who has handled their share of sticks knows exactly what he means. The indescribable sound of an perfect cue hitting just right is one of life’s simple pleasures.


I was a late bloomer in the world of pool hall