Banging Balls Outside Of The Bedroom. ~ Meagan Krafjack

A Woman’s Guide to Playing with Your Significant Other.

We have all been there — the silent ride home after a terrible practice session. Each of you looking in different directions, one with eyes forward, hands white knuckled upon the steering wheel, the other staring through the passenger window silently fuming.

Sharing a passion is one key to a happy partnership, but the game of pool is fickle and demands nothing less than perfection. Achieving that level of play requires practice, and there are some easy ways to make your post-practice ride home less painful, and more pleasant.

Rule One: More often than not, men and women play the game differently.

There are practiced veterans of the game that would not run a set the same way, so accepting that you and your partner may not is the first step to harmony. Men tend to dive in, learn as much as they can, and try to apply everything knocking around in their head as quickly as possible.

Women are more inclined to approach the game with pragmatism and single-minded focus. Make the ball. Make the ball. Make the ball. It may take a while for her to work on shape and position.

Each approach has its own merits, so work within the comfort zone of your partner.

Rule two: Women are sensitive.

Sorry, but it’s the hard truth. Men can practice with other men, point out faults, give the honest truth about bad shots, and provide brusque tips for improvement, without offense.