Banging Balls vs Drills. ~ Dominic Esposito {Video}

What Makes You Better?

How do you know your Game is improving? What if I can show you a way to measurably see your progress toward increasing your playing skills? I can and it’s through the time tested method of training drills. I have the rudiments to push you past the plateaus that seem to hold you back , get you out of the slump that’s cost you dearly or bring you back up to speed if you’ve been away from the game for any num- ber of years.

Why is Practice So Boring?

Admit it! You don’t really practice do you? You play a lot of pool. You even compete sometimes – but practice? That’s BORING!!! Why is that? Because the majority of players don’t know how to practice, or at least practice effectively. I’m going to help you make practicing more desirable and productive.

Do You Always Warm Up First?

Most of the time, you walk up to the table, empty a few pockets, and start shooting at balls. This is not practice and it’s definitely not warming up; that’s just banging balls around the table. However, on league night or before the start of a tournament, you need to get warmed up—the right way. Completing one Pro Skill Drill will warm you up more than 30 minutes of banging balls can.

Want Focused and Fine Tuned Shot Making?

Nothing increases your playing skills like practice drills. They develop your utmost in focused concen- tration, isolation in shot making, and establish your pacing for technique and execution. Your overall player skill level will be improved through practicing professional pool drills. The Pro Skill Drills series of books and DVD’s, nine volumes in all, will develop your focus, fine tune your shot making skills, and build your playing consistency like nothing else can.