Bert’s Secret to Gambling & Winning. ~ Bert Kinister

There are no absolute rules for gambling that guarantee you will win.

Advice can be given that allows you to limit your losses. If you follow absolute laws on how to win money at any game, you are doomed. A great gambler has to vary his game in an artistic manner. You may play badly for a time on purpose, but deception is the hallmark of a winning gambler.

The most important attribute in a winner, is that either he never lose his temper with his opponent, or more importantly with the game he is playing. There will be no sympathy from the game. You must always maintain a quiet mind.

If you lose your temper, you will lose all of your money. Gambling is one of the greatest barometers of character that there is, and your customers should not be privy to your emotions. Teddy Roosevelt described the winning gambler best when he said “Walk Softly But Carry A Big Stick.”

You have to have faith that the laws of chance are absolute.

If your current style loses two days in a row, it may trump your opponents approach tomorrow. You must maintain your approach to the game until the laws of chance equalize your wins. Patience is one of the most important attributes of the great gambler.

The gambler who is willing to wait the longest for his opportunity will always find one and the gambler that never deceives will find that the game has little empathy with him. Because his attitude is known and unwavering, only those players that can beat him will want to play with him.

A lot of curiosity is destructive. All of the money saved at gambling comes from not betting. To be overly cautious is just as destructive. It is perfectly legitimate to bait your opponent because all is fair in love, war, and friendly competition.