Billythekid Lasee ~ Missy Capestrain

Pronounced: Bi-lee-thuh-KID- LA za-ay, and that’s Lasee not Lasso. Billythekid is quite the character with some very interesting talents not held by many. His unique abilities include “the gift of face manipulation” and “study of Jedi Mind Powers at L.O.L. Academy for the talented.”

At 33 years old, he can be considered somewhat of a “Young Gun”, and actually was as he played during his teens and 20s. Billy was born & raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Aside from Thekid’s more unique abilities, he is a talented Poker Player – of smaller venues – and a very adept, self-taught pool player- of both local & national venues.

He has won 11 State titles playing during national pool league tournaments. Actually, he can be considered a semi pro player because first, he is that good, putting together a 12pack in 9ball (ran 12 racks in a row), a 17pack in 8ball along with many 7packs & a few 10s, and second, he earns most of his living playing pool, the rest, playing Poker. He has played some great pool players including Johnny Archer, Larry Nevel, Shane Van Boening, Jeanette Lee & Kelly Fisher. Yes, that is good!

Billy said [He] “was never really a bad player” & always “very competitive, a good eye”. He was his father’s pool instructor. That he is an instructor is ironic in that Billythekid does not practice! However, he does consider himself a “constant student”.

He does own & for help has referred to “The 99 Critical Shots in Pool”, Ray Martin, & “Playing off the Rail” which is a road player’s guide. The next book he will read is “The Inner Game of Tennis”, W. Timothy Gallwey. All three books are well-known and used by folks in the industry.

Billy’s mother (RIP), has passed. “She was [as a player] OK” as is a step brother. It is Antigo, WI to where, at 17 years old, he moved from Milwaukee to care for his mother during her illness. He and girlfriend Kaylee Reimer– who does not play pool, but is a great supporter- have made it their home. Billy made it a point to say that his grandma is probably his biggest supporter!

A strongly held personal conviction, Billythekid considers as well his mission in life is to make pool better, a more respecta