Brian Pauley. ~ Kevin Brown {Interview}

Kevin Brown: When did you start doing artistic pool and who was your influence?

Brian Pauley: I started doing artistic pool about a year ago. But several years before that I met professional pool player/trickshot artist Steve Lillis of Gospel Trick Shot Ministries at the Derby City Classic. Steve is who influenced me to do artistic pool.

KB: What were your first tournaments and achievements in Artistic Pool?

BP: I made my debut at the ACSISA Open Artistic Pool Championship on March 20-22nd at the Pheasant Run Resort in St.Charles, Illinois. I placed 18th in my first professional tournament. My second tournament was The 2015 World Artistic Pool Championship on August 27th-30th at Ozone Billiards in Kennasaw, Georgia. My third professional tournament was The 2015 Masters Artistic Pool Championship on December 4th-6th at Jamaica Joes in Midwest city,Oklahoma

2015 ACSISA Open Artistic Pool Championship: 18th place 2015 World Artistic pool Championship: 28th place. 2015 Masters Artistic Pool Championship: 7th place and The Winner of Tim Chin’s “Rising Star” medal award

KB: Where would you like to see yourself in the next few years of artistic pool?

BP: With hard work and determination, a consistent top six finisher!

KB: What sponsors do you currently have?

BP: McDermott Ambassador Cues, Bobbleball, World Artistic Pool Player Association, Gospel TrickShot Ministries… I help promote with Kamui Tips and Universal Clothing. I also have a partnership with Delta-13 Racks.