Buffalo Unleashed. ~Jason “Buffalo” Hunt

Hello Sneaky Pete Mafia readers!

Well we finally made it! With lots of hard work, dedication, a budget of blood sweat and tears, and a team of unique individuals all with a unified overlapping goal in life: change the foundations of pool so we can all make a good living at it!

If you don’t know me my name is Jason Christopher Hunt; also known as “Buffalo” and “The Huntsman.” And if you knew me prior to 2001, “Quick”—my first nick name given to me by one of the biggest “Ballers” in Buffalo NY after Eddie Murphy’s character in Harlem Nights. I was brought into this amazing team of unique individuals because of my uniqueness in this game.

I have been playing for a living since right after 9/11 when I moved to NYC on the second flight into JFK that they allowed after the flying ban to be with my girlfriend at the time, Candace Mooney, a professional make-up artist to the “Stars.”

It was here in NYC where I got a hard lesson about the prices you pay for playing great pool and the prices to be paid for not playing “good enough” pool. Since I had lots of natural talent, I was able to beat almost everyone but the top players and top short stops.

Of course you probably know: Nobody likes a guy from out of town coming in and dominating the local scene. They try and get all the big dogs to come eat you. As well as trying to make it impossible for you to win a nickel in their city. (People will make it a personal mission to “kill” your “Action” and slander your name so people will not play you and sabotage every opportunity for you to make a living.)

It’s a very sad state of affairs to be at the top of the food chain in your local area—right underneath the “sanctioned Pros” if there are any.