Cary Thompson. ~Serena Black {Interview}

Seybert’s Billiard Supply is a great company to work for and I—Cary Thompson—am very happy to be a part of something that continues to grow. In a sense I feel as though I had a hand in the success, even if in little ways. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and one on one interaction with the customers.

In an e-commerce world it is easy to get caught up with the automatic emails that are generated and the automated phone systems with answering services. There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to speak with “a real person” and not being able to. With Seybert’s Billiard Supply we are there for our customers either on the phone, email or with our social media sites. They are our number one priority.

When I am not working I enjoy fitness and sports. I shoot pool in APA every week as well as coach cheerleading and softball. I have always had a strong pull in writing and have had several articles published over the years in various outlets. I’ve been in the billiard industry for 10 years, and will continue to do what I love for as long as I possibly can.

Serena Black: How did Seybert’s begin? Who began this company and how long has it been around?

Cary Thompson: Seybert’s Billiard Supply started from the love of the game. Part owner, Jim Tong, has always had an interest in the sport and started by selling a few cues out of a side room in his tractor dealership. Sid Kreis, also part owner, shot pool with Jim on leagues. In 1998 the internet began to boom and Sid approached Jim with the idea of selling cues online. With Jim’s enthusiasm and OK, Sid started reading books and learned how to build the website. At the time, Jim was introduced to a new cue company, Predator Cues. They were just starting out and with Sid’s new knowledge of the world wide web, he listed them online and the site took off.

SB: How long have you worked for Seybert’s and what is your occupation/position? How did you become affiliated with the company?

CT: This is my 10th year with Seybert’s. I came from a corporate world and excelled in typing and data entry. They brought me on mainly to manage the internet orders that came in. That position continued to grow into other areas over the years. I do everything from sales and marketing, to invoicing, purchasing, customer service and so much more. Once they realized my strength in writing I started doing online press releases. Then social media came around and I began managing those outlets as well. It is imperative that we all step up to the plate and do whatever needs to be done. All of us have jobs to do in different areas but it is not unusual to lend a hand in other departments as needed.

SB: Did the company begin as a warehouse or originate online?

CT: The company began from selling cues out of Jim Tong’s dealership and then went online. Once the business grew and the site took off the location was moved down the road to another building. We have a storefront and the online site. Our location allows us room to expand as well.

SB: How do most customers place orders? How many customers do you see each year?