Chalk up and Don't Scratch

By Calvin Post of CJP Billiards

There are a lot of things here in pool that are just straight myths. I see on a lot of groups these typical round table discussions on the same worn out topics with hundreds of wrong opinions. I want to cover some of controversy and provide factual statements.

You can’t buy a stroke. No matter wood or carbon fiber, and no matter Low Deflection or High Deflection the price and material of the shaft doesn’t make you a better player. All low deflection allows for is to add more spin while staying on the shot line. This technology allows a player to incorporate more spin to their game without having to compensate for the deflection found in a typical hard wood shaft. It’s the Indian and not the arrow. A good stroke to pot balls is learned over time, not taught. With proper training and mental adjustment made for whatever cue you are shooting with, one cue is not better than the other. Just different. Many people fall under the assumption a carbon fiber cue will fix their stroke, and help them pot balls easier. This is no