Cheqio & Darren Appleton ~ Jeanna Diedrich

There has recently been discussion and even some controversy over a new product on the market called Cheqio (check-e-oh). According to the Cheqio website, the product is, initially designed for, “Precision sportsmen to stay focused and concentrated for a longer period of time during demanding situations.”

Cheqio comes in two forms; the Precision Capsule and the Precision Drink.

Long-time pool professional and Cheqio customer, Darren Appleton talks about the right way to use the Cheqio products, and why he believes it can beneficial to anyone’s game when used correctly.

It was the World 8-ball Championship in China, 2015 Semi-final match. Appleton, tied up the match at 19-19 in a race to 21. It was close to 11:00 pm, and players had been going non-stop since 9:00 in the morning.

“This was the biggest pressure situation I’ve ever been in,” says Appleton while recalling the late night make-or-break match.

Any player at this point would be shaky, tired, fatigued and even mentally drained. But, not Darren Appleton.

“Without Cheqio, I would not have won that match,” Says Appleton. The match ended with Appleton winning 21-19.

That was a day of more than 13 hours straight on a table. Anyone would get tired or unfocused after that. Appleton says that because of Cheqio, he does not have a fatigued feeling, shakiness or break of concentration that other products have given him in the past.

A Cheqio associate discusses how the need for another ‘energy product’ came about:

“Rudy [the company owner] and one of his business partners used to play snooker and they experienced their own lack of concentration. There were already lots of supplements for sports [and] fitness, athletics, sprinting, etc. But not for precision sports, such as snooker, pool, billiards, darts, golf, etc. To fill in this gap, they contacted experts in dietary supplements in order to develop a product that would increase focus, concentration and stamina.”

Because Cheqio is an all-natural product, it has none of the negative side effects that other energizing products such as Red Bull, Coffee or energy shakes, have.

Cheqio says the only negative complaint they have gotten is the taste of the drink, but “that’s something we guess people need to get used to: Not a sweet drink and the pure taste of saffron and other nutrients.”

“I used to drink a lot of coffee, which was stupid, “ says Appleton. He also comments on how he used to drink shakes for energy but, “they’re a pain in the ass to ma