Consistency & Pre-Shot Routine in Pool: Multi-tasking. ~ Max Eberle

Going through the elements of your pre-shot routine in pool does not have to look like Step One then Step Two then Step Three then Step Four.

It could be more like take care of Step One and Step Two while setting up for Three and Four, then handle Five while maintaining and solidifying the previous steps.

So while you plan your shot (pre-pre-shot) you could be getting a feel of your grip and chalking the cue. Then as you get your foot set up on the stroking line, you could be getting your bridge ready.

As you step into the shot, you could solidify the bridge onto the table that was already pre-prepared, and so making it solid is that much easier.

Each element of your pre-shot routine should be given thought and practice, and mastered. They will become as notes in a composers piece, and the composer is you. Add your own style to the way you get into the shot, add your own flair to the way you do things.

Or look boring, it’s up to you as long as you start to get the job done on the pool table with consistency.

Think of the stroking line as the melody, and all the elements of your pre-shot routine are the notes within that melody. Hit your notes cleanly and you can make music on the pool table. Play out of tune or just make noise, and you may be forced to listen to your opponents music more than you’d like.