Corner pocket: Billiards' History and Leagues

Corner pocket:

Billiards’ History and Leagues

Have you ever thought about where pool got its start? I mean, were a bunch of Lords and Ladies sitting around one day and said, “Hey! Let’s stake these sticks and knock a bunch of balls around!”? Well, maybe the Lords, but pool, also known as billiards, has a long and rich history.

Historical Snapshot

First of all, billiards has been played by all walks of life and social classes. It wasn’t exclusive to “gentlemen” or kings. It actually started as a table version of a lawn game similar to croquet. It moved indoors with a green cloth to simulate grass, then eventually the tables. Now, a lot of the information we have does come from nobles playing the game, but it eventually became public enough that everyone grabbed hold of a cue. It was so public that it made an appearance in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra. That’s way before the movies “The Hustler” and “The Color of Money”, which are 20th Century movies that improved billiards’ fame.

One interesting fact, when billiards began people shoved the balls around instead of hitting them with a cue stick. That didn’t happen until the late 1600s. Equipment improved vastly after the Industrial Revolution, and it was at that time that English visitors that came to America showed the U.S. natives how