Updated: May 29, 2020

The story you are about to read reflects the dedication and drive of a self-made billiard professional by the name of Joe Tucker. He has a fascinating account of the events that led up to him becoming a billiard professional and renowned billiard instructor. He has written several books, produced DVD’s and has two web sites; however, he is most famous for his knowledge revealed in his books and DVD’s called Racking Secrets. I hope you enjoy his story based on our interview.

“I said NO!” “You are not allowed in the club to amuse yourself on the billiard table!” Joe Tucker’s dad, who was a member of the club, proclaimed in a stern voice. That scolding made a young boy determined to amuse himself on a billiard table. That was Joe Tucker’s first hint that playing pool was going to be a big part of his future.

Growing up in the 70’s, Joe didn’t play much pool - his time was occupied with the usual football, baseball and friends. One friend had a “bumper” pool table and later an actual pool table turned up in another friend’s house and he played whenever he was invited. He was always intrigued with the game.

Around the age of 17, just before going into the Army, in Fall River, MA, he finally walked into his first real pool hall. You know the kind of establishment…you walk in the door and the first thing that hits you is a cloud of cigarette smoke and the loud crack of a rack of balls being broken and pocketed. The kind of room where you can barely see the players through the haze until your eyes adjust and you blend in with the overall atmosphere.