Cyclop TV Edition “Red Dot” Cue Ball – Review ~ Jaared “The Jazz Man”

“I will never forget the very first time that Cyclop (made by Diamond Billiards) Billiard Balls came onto the scene.  They basically had the exact same reaction as when Aramith came out with their TV Tournament “Pro Cup” set of Billiards Balls… And it wasn’t positive.  But since then, many professional and amateur pool players have come to like both sets of Billiard Balls.

However, the one thing that most pool players did NOT like about the Cyclop set of Billiard Balls, was their “Red Eye” Cue Ball.  One of the biggest complaints that I heard, and that I personally had with the Red Eye Cue Ball was the fact that it had a very “translucent” look to it.  It almost looked like there was about a 16th of an inch of “clear coat” on it, that gave it it’s translucent qualities.  This made it difficult to see the actual “edge” of the cue ball as it was very deceiving.

Therefore, a lot of tournaments that I watched that were using Cyclop Billiard Balls were replacing the Red Eye Cue Ball with the Aramith “Pro Cup” (Measle) Cue Ball.  I’m pretty sure that this upset the Diamond Billiards Corporation to no end.  So, Diamond decided to offer another “option” to their Red Eye Cue Ball.

Enter, their “Red Dot” TV Edition Cue Ball.

I first noticed this “Red Dot” Cue Ball when watching the 2016 Chinese 8 Ball World Championship.  I was intrigued by the cue ball, (as I had not heard of this cue ball as an option at the time by Diamond Billiards).  Upon further research, I found out it was (in fact) a Diamond Billiard Cue Ball.  So, naturally, I wanted to get my hands on one so I could do a side-by-side comparison.

Turns out, there was no comparison in the least.  Firstly, they rectified the “translucent” effect, by getting rid of it, which is a HUGE improvement!  After only shooting three racks with the Red Dot,  it was apparent to me that it was a major improvement over the Red Eye Cue Ball.  Not only did it “skid” less, I found there to be no “roll offs” with this new cue ball as had been noticed with the original Red Eye Cue Ball.

Not only was the Red Dot “truer” in its rolls, I found that it reacted more predictably.  It’s a more natural feeling cue ball for sure.  Only time will tell in regards to how well it maintains its shape, and integrity, but so far this Red Dot Cue Ball is my preferred cue ball for the Cyclop Ball Sets.

I also noticed that with jump shots, the Red Dot Cue Ball was way more accurate than its predecessor.  I had no problem controlling the jump shots.  Jump draw shots, jump follow shots, and jump stop shots were very predictable.  This cue ball gets off the cloth easily, and accurately.

It is no secret, (for people who know me), that my favorite cue ball is the Aramith “Pro Cup” TV Tournament (Measle) Cue Ball.  However what really surprises me about this new Cyclop Red Dot Cue Ball, is almost how virtually identical it plays to the Aramith Cue Ball… And for me, this is really exciting!