Devin Poteet: The Arkansas Kid. ~ Meagan Krafjack {Interview}

The first thing that strikes me about Devin Poteet is a drawl in his speech that resides somewhere between Southern and Midwestern.

The “Loser Bracket Warrior,” as he was affectionately coined within the pool circuit for his ability comeback after a first round loss, is a 17 year old pool phenom from Paragould, Arkansas. Like most teenagers, Devin is a man of few words, but he graciously granted me an opportunity to speak with him about the game that rules his life.

Q: When did you first begin playing pool?

Devin: I began playing around 12 or 13.

Q: How did you become interested in playing?

Devin: My Dad and my Uncle play.

Q: Did one of them help guide you when you first began playing?

Devin: Actually neither one of them really helped me. I just went to the pool halls, watched them play and started shooting on my own.

Q: When did you start taking pool seriously?

Devin: When I was 13, I played in a tournament and double-dipped my Dad (a term used to describe winning aga