Do You Care Enough? ~Tom Simpson

I don’t know many players who are happy with their game.

We’re inconsistent, we make stupid mistakes, we lose focus, we take low percentage shots, we fail to plan ahead, we choke on the money ball… And we do it again and again.

We’re stuck in a rut of our own making.

Most players claim that they want to get better, but do they actually do what it takes to get better? Some feel they deserve to play better—after all, they have the latest whiz-bang magic pool cue, shaft, tip, and chalk.

They read instructional columns. They play their league match every week. They try really hard. Their results should improve, right?

Often, the very athletic players get off to a fast start and get a mistaken impression of how difficult pool really is. They got pretty good, pretty fast. They didn’t have to work very hard to get that far. I’d say they got to base camp at the bottom of the mountain and thought they were mountain climbers—and that’s where they tend to remain.

We see the players who have put in a lot of time at the table, maybe over several decades.

But that table time was all play, and no constructive practice.

And then we have the players who actually practice, but they practice the wrong things or their favorite things and never improve. The rut gets deeper.

Obviously, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting the same results. To improve, something must change. Some of the right things must change. You have to fix the worst aspects of your game, the weakest links of the proverbial c