Don’t Get Beat by the Rules. ~ Jacqueline Karol  

Have you ever heard anyone arguing over pool rules?

First of all there are hundreds of different rules for pool and different games of pool. It is best to go over  the rules with your opponent or league/tournament director before a match. However, there are so many, that it is near impossible sometimes to think of every one that might come up.

Furthermore, there  are some gray areas within specific rules that lead to more confusion. This could be a very long article if I tried to cover every detail and variation, but at least we’ve started the conversation and will hopefully clear up some confusion. The following are rules that get the most questions from players.


What is a double hit and how do you know if you made a double hit?

Basically when two balls are  really close to one another and the shooter does not elevate or aim at an angle towards the cue ball,  he/she risks double hitting the cue ball. Because the cue ball and object ball are so close together, after the cue ball hits the object ball, the cue stick keeps moving forward, not leaving the cue ball enough time to get out of the way and hits it a second time.

The way you will know if it is a double hit depends on the cue ball’s reaction after contact.

If the cue ball chases the object ball at about the  same speed it is a double hit. In addition, the shooter can usually feel and hear the double hit.