“Don’t Miss” ~ Tim “The Monk” Miller

                   The Monk

Willie said, “Don’t Miss” if you want to win more games.

Players talk to me about missing the winning shot, the key ball or the shot that will open up the run for them.  They miss the shot and then see how the table has opened up and they could have run out easily. They complain that they will make a great shot only to miss the next one and there is always that guy in the audience who says, “gee, the same guy shot that one”.

When the value of making the shot increases, our concentration skills decrease. The stroke, minus the interference equals the shot. You determine the value of the shot.

So we lean over the table and site the shot at hand. In our mind we talk about how important this one is. We add anxiety and pressure to the shot. Keep In mind the eight ball does not know it’s the eight ball.

On key ball we will find that we are the cause of our problems. Once you include an added value to the shot, you have just created interference. And you know what that does to the stroke.

You’ve heard me say many times, ‘not sure if I will make this shot or miss this shot. But I am sure I will look good shooting it.

To master the ‘look good shooting’ you must know the stroke you intend to use. And be able to deliver it without preoccupation with results. You need to see it as just a shot. That is a skill we need to master and I build this skill for you in all my workshops. We do this through a very special Pre Shot Routine.

If you could take back half the games you blew you would be a world beater. The key is to stop throwing games away by missing the key ball.

The Pre Shot routine is not used:

To set up a rhythm.

To set up your timing.

To help you concentrate.

To help you make the shot

To calm y