Doubt 101? ~ “Blackjack” David Sapolis

Tied to a Dump Truck.

Many of us have something holding us back. Most of the time it because we have attached ourselves to something negative along the way—or—it is because we have allowed our belief systems to be altered or led off course.

We have to guard our certainty. Certainty is the absence of doubt. It is believing in yourself and your ability to be successful in any situation, no matter how bad the circumstances are. Diligence, certainty, and perseverance fuel our survival. Doubt prevents it.

It’s hard to be doubtful, bummed out, or trapped in despair when you are moving forward with diligence and perseverance. Doubt creeps in through the weak areas of your mental game. It does not take over your thoughts because of anything that happens out on the table. Doubt is created in your mind. That makes it “controllable.”

You become very susceptible to doubt after a loss.

I have learned that if you keep moving forward, you will not have enough time to doubt yourself. Enter another tournament, play another match, match up with somebody—do something—do anything to keep yourself moving forward.

If you pause, or if you give your mind the opportunity to question your ability—you open the door for doubt to come in and take over. There are a lot of bad things out there, but doubt is ENEMY NUMBER ONE. It creeps in like a thief in the night, then it consumes you, and ultimately destroys you.

Doubt is definitely the last thing that you want controlling your thought process.