Elevate to the Moon: Press Stroke & Shoulder Stroke. ~ Tom Simpson

Getting above the Stick: Shooting Tall

Most of us have pretty good bridges for getting over a blocking ball—at least when the blocker is not too close to the cue ball. But what about when we have to seriously elevate our stick because the balls are close together, and maybe we need some draw? We know that is much, much tougher.

Unless you’re really tall, extreme elevation is a challenge.

We’ll illustrate two different ways to accomplish extreme elevation and still keep your stick under control: the Press Stroke and the Shoulder Stroke. And yes, it’s even possible to get good draw while frozen to the rail!

Part of the difficulty with elevating, is keeping your stroke arm in the vertical swing plane. Most players wing their forearm out sideways to get more elevation. But then they can’t really see down their stick, and their tip is moving side to side as they stroke. Problematic. The photos below show two surprising ways to elevate to an extreme, see down your stick, and stroke straight.

The Press Stroke requires flexibility and strength. Here are the steps, but once you have it, you can get there in one smooth move: