Eli Ceballos. ~ Missy Moran Capestrain

Not interesting to the readers? Not interesting to the readers?

Some of Eli Ceballos’s first words during this interview were that he didn’t think an article that focused on himself would be “interesting to the readers.” The conversation that ensued proved this to be an undervaluing of his own worthiness. This writing shows a sharp contrast and much more color than he thought.

Eli was born in New York. During his childhood he moved to Puerto Rico for five years.  It was during these years that his grandfather (RIP) taught him to play pool. He traveled back and forth several times from New York to Puerto Rico until he settled in New York during high school and studied law and justice at John Jay Law and Justice Academy.


A self-taught photographer, for his “entire life” he always was exposed to and “had access to a camera.” Nineteen ninety-seven was a most memorable year, because it was then that he became a professional freelance photographer.

His hard work and determination came into balance when, at the request of different parents, he began focusing on local sporting events at which to take pictures. Eli is a Sneaky Pete Mafia (SPM) staff member. He reviews different products for the magazine [and does some graphic design work as well].

Must be just horrible. Blah.

The rest of the Eli Ceballos family are quite accomplished too. Wife Kimberly is not only a special education teacher who continues to study current changes and practices within the system, but also a very talented woman in several other areas.

She is a “very good photographer” in her own right, a nail technician as well as a makeup