Emily Herpel’s Journey. ~ Peggy Mallen

What an honor it is for a junior pool player, age 14 through 18, to be chosen for the spring training camp, sponsored and put on by the Black Widow Foundation, to prepare for the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) Atlantic Challenge Cup. Ten players are invited to the camp and out of ten, six will be chosen as the official starting team. Emily Herpel is one of those ten participants and here is her story.

Emily started playing pool when she was six (she’s now 16). She started to seriously compete after her first tournament at the Super Billiards Expo, in 2011 at the age of 11. From then on, she has collected a string of accolades to include (but not limited to)…

  1. 2013 – 3rd place – BEF Junior National Championships – Las Vegas (Girls 18 & under)

  2. 2014 – 4th place – BEF Junior National Championships – Kentucky (Girls 18 & under)

  3. 2013 & 2014 – 1st place Dr. Cue Artistic Pool Championships (alongside BEF Junior Nationals)

  4. 2015 – 2nd place BEF Junior National Championships – Las Vegas (Girls 18 & under)

  5. 2015 – 1st place New York Junior State 9 Ball Championships (Girls 18 & under)

  6. 2015 – 2nd place New Jersey Junior State 9 Ball Championships

  7. 2015 – 2nd place New York Junior State 8 Ball Championships

Emily’s parents are avid pool players, so she was introduced to pool at a very young age. Her mother, Jessica, is also a TAP (The Association for P.O.O.L.) League licensee from New York, so many of Emily’s friends and acquaintances throughout the years have been players as well. With all this exposure and support it makes sense that she would excel at the sport.

Emily practices no less than 1-2 hours each day with a variety of drills to develop a well-rounded skill set. An excellent junior player needs repetitive experience on all shot variations to be able to compete with the best junior players in the country.

Being part of the Team USA, means there is much travel involved and even though Emily loves to travel, she values her time with her family and being away from them for long periods of time is probably one of the only things that she finds difficult when competing.

There is more to Emily than billiards. She participates in many volunteer programs, one in particular, called the “Interact Club” is a non-profit which helps local businesses, organizations and fundraisers. The others are the “Kids Fit Club” which is a mentoring program for grades K-2, where she works with kids who need extra help, teaching them character-building and help them open up and make new friends.