Eric Roberts: Living the Dream. ~ Suzanne Smith

I recently had the opportunity to interview 10 year old Eric Roberts at the BCAPL National 8 Ball Championships.

He was there with his father Brian and his nine year old brother Jourdan. Both boys were competing at the BEF Junior National Championships.

Eric is a 2 time Florida State Junior Champion and this was his fourth BEF Junior Nationals. His highest finish was in the

Photo: William Burkle

Photo: William Burkle

first year that he competed. This year, he ended up finishing tied 13-16, while Jordan finished 17-24th. Our time was short, but I met with Eric’s’ coach Dominic Esposito, aka “The Drill Instructor,” and asked Eric several questions about his love of billiards.

Me: Why do you like playing pool? Eric: Because it’s an inspiring game, it’s very challenging to do well and I like that. Me: Do you have a coach? Are there any players you look up to? Eric: My coach is the Drill Instructor, Dominic Esposito. My favorite players are Shane Van Boening and Skyler Woodward. Me: What are your goals? What do you want to be when you grow up? Eric: To get a scholarship to go to college, shoot pool overseas, and help take care of my family. Me: Tell me about your equipment. Eric: I have a Pechauer sponsorship an