Excuses, Excuses. ~ Allan Sand

Many players need to have some handy excuses for missing a pool shot. Of course, your opponents don’t care — they’re just happy you screwed up and let them come to the table. For Railbirds, player excuses for a missed pool shot can be quite entertaining. As an audience, they always appreciate the more outrageous explanations for screwing up.

There are times when you a good (or bad) excuse for a missed pool shot is necessary, if at least to save face. Here are a few to get you thinking of building your own list.

Standard excuse list:

 You were sharking me.

 The music is too loud. How can anyone think with this noise?

 I don’t want my opponent to see my real skill.

 That good looking girl (or guy) distracted me.

 I not really interested in winning anyway.

 I’m trying to keep my handicap.

 There’s a roll-off on the table.

 Whoops. Forgot to chalk.

 I’ve got to hit the can.