Eye Patterns and Sighting ~ by Tim “The Monk” Miller

The main difference between the professional player and the best amateur is that the pro does not miss shots.

They have a unique way of aiming at the object ball.  And the men will not share this information with anyone, not even their wives. It is a closely guarded secret.

The reason I share this with you is because it is time for you to think about how you are going to aim the ball. There are many systems out there that really create more confusion than anything else. Aiming must be personal, backed by an intuitive feeling that you are in line with the shot.

Always remember, if you do not hit the exact spot on the cue ball you will most likely miss and give the table away.

First you must master shot making. Often, we miss shots because we don’t properly prepare to shoot them. We rush into it, or we don’t identify the exact approach we should use. We sometimes think a shot is too hard so we don’t give it our best effort. We don’t’ set up properly. We shoot with interference.

Remember, the stroke, minus the interference equals the shot.

There is a sequence that helps us become a better ball striker.

First we must connect to the shot. That means we stand in line with the shot until we see the angle.

Then we land on the cue ball.

Then we set the cue tip on the cue ball.  Is it only at th