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Finally a Fantasy League for pool!

I am thrilled to see Cue Kings launched! We are always looking for ways to get pool back into mainstream media. I am not saying having a fantasy pool league is a huge leap towards that but in my opinion, it's at least some form of "validation" of the sport.

I signed up and found that I could make predictions for the Mosconi Cup. I made my best guesses on who will win the matches, what the scores would be, how many break & runs, jump shots, fouls (and a bunch more) players would do.

And when I'm writing this, I can see a big money match is just put up Cue Kings. I think I will spend $5 on that. It gives me a bigger incentive to actually watch it live, now that I've got a horse in the race!

By giving my predictions I am part of a tournament, and based on how many correct predictions I make, I win credits. I hope to win a bunch since the credits can be redeemed into prizes ranging from the best cues, bags, and even a Diamond 9-foot table. I think paying $5-15 is well worth the "investment". After all, I am spending more on raffles almost every week, and that's just a crap-shoot. No skill involved.

If nothing else, I want to play to support the new and existing concept which I think elevates our sport to another level. Step by step, we will return to the spotlight!

Visit and check it out yourself.

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