Find Out Why You Missed. ~ David Sapolis

It is one thing to miss a shot, but you need to find out why.

There is a big difference between a reason and an excuse for missing shots. When the balls don’t drop, you need to find out why. The why will usually fall into three different categories:

Category 1 – Physical Error

Physical errors are caused by weaknesses and deficiencies with your fundamentals—your stroke, your stance, your sighting, etc. Many beginners don’t realize when they are popping up out of their stance or when they are taking their eye off of the ball. Usually, minor adjustments and fine tuning with your stance, head alignment, and stroke could alleviate some of those problems.

Never forget that the game of pool relies upon perfect application of the basic fundamentals in much the same way a chain depends upon the strength of its links. Weaken one link, and the chain becomes useless.

Category 2 – Mental Error

Mental errors are evident when you are taken completely out of your normal shooting rhythm and either over-think or talk yourself out of certain shots. There is no quick fix for mental errors. Remember that confidence is the prerequisite to consistency.

If you believe that you will make the shot, you have a better chance of having the ball drop in the pocket. If you tell yourself that it won’t go, chances are that it won’t. This goes back to self-talk—that conversation that is going on in your head while you are shooting.