Florian Kohler Wanted to be a Pilot. ~ Suzanne Smith {Interview.}

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Where did you grow up? Tell me about your home life.

FK: When I was a child I wanted to be a pilot. I grew up in Kingersheim, a small city on the northeast border of France. I was 15 min from Germany and 15 minutes away from Switzerland. I had a normal happy life when I was a kid, usually always in the first three of my class when I was young. It was a nice, peaceful area. I have many friends from my childhood there and I keep in touch every time I have the chance to go back.

I studied a lot during my younger years. I was born in France the 10th of July, 1988, I speak three languages, I am a licensed Optometrist and hold a black belt in Judo.

SS: Tell me about how you got your start in trick shots.

I started trick shots at the age of 18 when I received a small pool table for my birthday. I had no clue how to play since I barely ever touched a cue before, so I checked online to learn and I found trick shot videos. No (pool) instructions were to my liking so to learn I started by doing the shots I saw in videos.