Florida Billiards Journal Entry 2.6

Florida Billiards Journal Entry 2.6

I love pool, you know, pocket billiards -- never really played billiards sans pockets. I enjoy every aspect of the game, from the multitudes of different people with different backgrounds, to the green felt, to all points of light in between. If you go in any pool hall, you can find hustlers, champions, professionals, doctors, fast food workers, women, men, young, old, liberal, conservative, white, black, Asian, Latino, etc. And it doesn't matter who you are, how much money you have, where you come from, or what you believe -- the only thing that matters is how well you play the game.

The game of billiards sustains me like meditation sustains the golden sage dubbed the Buddha -- Gotama Siddhartha. (This is my zen in pool)...

I am enthralled in the game when I play, enraptured in the motions of spherical Billiards balls! And I am committed to the game, having read about 20 or so books on billiards, having reached a level 7 APA ranking back in 2000-2006 or so, but perhaps not exact dates, and I believe I would be a 9 in APA 9 ball, as I have gotten much better as a player since those days, but all that is not to brag, because there are so many players that are so much better than me -- suffice it to say, I'm a top notch amateur and that's cool with me. I wish I could be a pro, but then, I wouldn't want to travel all over like that to go to different cities, states, and countries to go play tournaments. It would suck to me personally, but I don't know if I could ever play to that level. It's possible I'd like to think, but not likely.

I recently broke and ran 3 racks in a row against a buddy of mine in a race to 7 where I beat him like 7-0. So, for me, I'm loving 9 ball here lately! Too easy a game you say? You are too good for me. But I digress, what I mean is that I feel that I can play a good speed, but plenty of players run faster. My A++ game could give many players problems, but I'm not consistent enough. But I have only been able to play like once or twice a month, and still maintain a strong 9 or 8 at a minimum rank in APA 9 ball I assert, so this is the best I've ever played in my life, and I've been playing since about 1998-2017 now, and that's about 19 years or so. And I wish I could get in more big time 9 ball tournaments as I've only been in three my whole life, and I'm 45 now, so I've achieved all I'm going to achieve in the game most likely. Anything's possible I guess though, I could catch another gear and play at another level, but I don't know if that will happen, and really I enjoy just being able to play when I am able, which is rare.

Normally to maintain a game to the level I purport to play at it takes much more hours of practice​ than what I am able to muster, but I've logged so many hours in the past that I can maintain a good game now.