From Little Acorns Do Mighty Oaks Grow. ~ Max Eberle

In pool, as In life, it is the little things you do over and over that create the reality you experience, and it is your thoughts which control your actions.

You do have the freedom to choose your thoughts at all times.

You must be very clear about your desired results so that you can create thoughts, and hence action, that will produce the intended outcome. When you are faced with a shot and have already determined where you want the cue ball and object ball(s) to go, then it is time to figure out the best way to get them there.

Now, formulate your approach considering the path of the balls, spin, speed, stroke, stance, bridge, equipment, humidity and so on.

Next, imagine the shot happening perfectly in your mind. If you think you cannot do this, think again—you can. Visualize the exact line and resting point of the cue ball instead of thinking “in that direction somewhere over there.” While in games such as 9-Ball you can run out by playing area position, it will always improve your touch to pick an exact spot within the position zone. See the line or gutter of the object ball going right into the pocket instead of “towards the pocket.”

You may be playing on tight pockets or have to squeeze the object ball around interfering balls. Many times it is necessary to shoot the ball into a certain side of the pocket for position’s sake, so develop clarity of purpose. Do your best not to miss a shot on account of position. Feel your cue tip strike the cue ball. Then, feel the cue ball roll, hit the object ball, slide, spin, jump, decelerate and stop as if you were one with the ball; because you are, feel the object ball roll and drop into the empty space.

My grandfather asked Willie Mosconi what was the most important thing in pool, and he said “touch.” Hear the cue ball click the object ball,