From the Mind of Darren Appleton {Part One}

From an early age I knew one day I would be a World Champion in sports. But every successful person, in sports or not, knows it’s a process and continues to be. We never stop learning and understanding.

From the age of say, six, my passion was sports. Education wasn’t a interest to me and missed a lot of school because of my love for sports. Nothing else mattered. My education was in sports from an early age; I studied different sports, the tactics, the mental aspect, and what it took to be a champion.

I’ve always said the best form of learning is understanding and learning from other great sportsmen, and these are what inspired me. I just wanted to be involved in sports.

Soccer and boxing were my sports, until one day in ‘92 my brother and I were spotted playing pool in a bar and the owner asked us to play in his local league — the rest is history.

1992: I started playing local leagues all over my area.

1993: I started playing bigger events around my region.

1994: I started to play pro/amateur tournaments with success

1995: I joined the UK tour against the best in the UK

1996: I turned professional; the first event I played as a pro, I won.

1998: I become World # 1 at English 8-Ball