General FAQs and Laws of Pool ~ by Allan P. Sand

These apply to just about everyone. It is nearly impossible to avoid these laws and their consequence. They don’t apply every time, but when they do, it is a personal intervention from the hands of any one of the many billiard gods.

• The more balls you make in an inning, the easier it is to miss an easy shot. • On a 9 Ball hill-hill game, if you make the 9 ball, the cue ball will scratch. • The better you play, the easier you can be beaten by a lesser player. • The better you get, the worse your luck. • If the game is very competitive, the louder the music will be playing. • The longer you have to wait before your match, the greater the chance of losing. • If the planned cue ball path goes within 6 inches of a pocket, it will scratch in perfect center pocket. • If you make a difficult shot and the next one is easy, if there is any place on the table where you will not be able to make it, the cue ball will go there. • If you make a successful bank shot, your next shot will also be a bank shot and it will not be successful. • If you have others, add them to this topic. • If you get perfect position on a shot, the chances of missing go up immensely. And, even if you make the shot, your next shot will be out of position. • T